Sunday, January 20, 2008

Corporate Wreath Gifts

Often when looking for a gift to give your clients, you want something that will remind them of you and the services you provide. A wreath hanging on the door draws attention and initiates conversation regarding your gift to friends and family thus creating positive advertising.

When clients are content with a service you provide they rarely bring up your service in conversation because there are no problems to talk about. If you're providing a good service for your clients and want to build your business, nothing is better than word of mouth. Let your clients sell your product to the people who trust them.

How do you initiate conversation? You need to give them a tangible customer appreciation gift they can hold in a visible place for their clients, friends, and family to see. When their visitors (clients, friends, and family) see this gift they ask, "where did you get that?" Your client will then explain who you are and what you do and should give you positive, word of mouth advertising if they like your service.

At we operate a successful Corporate Gift Service and corporate wreath gifts are the most popular. We set up corporate accounts for hard working business owners who are busy with little time on their hands. They give us a list of their clients and we ship wreaths directly to them with a personalized handwritten message. The client then hangs that wreath up on their door at home or work. About 95% of people who walk by that wreath will ask, "where did you get that nice Wreath?" The client then explains who sent her/him the wreath.

The wreath is a unique and thoughtful gift people will appreciate and look forward to every year. And the best advertising anywhere!